A1 and A2 Wood Pellet

What are A1 and A2 wood pellets?

The raw materials obtained from sustainable sources are used for the production of A1 wood pellets. They are the premium pellets which correspond to the ENplus standard of Europe and DINplus standard of Germany,

The A2 wood pellets belong to the second class. They vary from the A1 pellets in terms of various characteristic features which we will discuss in this article.

Distinct features of A1  wood pellets:

  • Pine, virgin timber or spruce is used as a raw material in producing these pellets.
  • The A1 wood pellets have a high calorific value of about 5Kwh/kg.
  • They have a diameter of 6mm-8mm.
  • Their length varies from 3.15mm to 40mm.
  • Their heat of combustion is more than 16.5MJ/kg.
  • They have an ash content of about 0.5%.
  • The maximum humidity in them is about 6%.
  • They are ENplus and DIN plus certified and bear the certification logos on them because of which they are priced higher in the market.
  • The abrasion or dust content is about 1%.
  • Their mechanical durability os more than 97.7%.
  • Their bulk density is more than 600kg/m3.

Watch the production of Wood pellets in the video link:

Pros of A1 wood pellets:

  • The A1 wood pellets have a compact, smooth and shiny surface with a clear color compared to the raw materials from which they are made.
  • They have a safe quality, so the users can be sure about being comfortable because of the optimum heating.
  • If the A1 wood pellets are used, the boilers and stove remain clean for a longer time and the users won’t have to worry about cleaning regularly.
  • These pellets ensure better operation of the stoves and boilers because of which the lives of the machines are prolonged.

Watch if the pellets stoves are efficient, in this Video:

Distinct features of  A2 wood pellets:

  • The A2 wood pellets have about 1.2% ash content.
  • They have a diameter of 6mm-8mm and length is about 30mm-40mm.
  • They have a heat of combustion greater than 18MJ/kg.
  • Their ash content is about 0.8%.
  • The moisture content is below 10%.
  • There is less than 1%abrassion or dust content.
  • Their mechanical strength is about 97%.
  • Their bulk density is 600kg/m3
  • The color of these pellets is comparatively darker with respect to the A1 pellets.
  • The packaging of A2 wood pellets is done without any quality logos on them, so their price is less than the ENplus A1 wood pellets in the market.

Pros of A2 wood pellets:

The A2 wood pellets are also available in ENplus quality certified and DIN plus quality certified. The difference is quite subtle between the 2 quality certifications of the A2 wood pellets, i.e the ENplus A2 wood pellets have about 10% less cost as compared to the DIN plus A2 wood pellets.  Also, the heat produced by the ENplus A2 pellets is less than that of DIN plus pellets. The heat produced by them is quite high.

Cons of A2 wood pellets:

Those A2 wood pellets that do not have an ENplus or DIN plus certification, they comparatively cause more smoke and ash because of which the stove and chimney need to be cleaned frequently. No doubt they are cheaper than the certified ones, but from the aesthetic sense, they are not so appealing.


How to store the A1 and A2 Wood Pellets?

The certified wood pellets, whether it be A1 or A2, fulfil strict criteria based on the raw material quality used to produce them, the physical and chemical characteristics and the calorific values of the end products. All this happens in a controlled process after which they are validated by independent bodies.

So, after all this, if the packaging is not done properly, then all the efforts will get wasted. That is why they are packed properly in plastic bags to make sure that no moisture enters into the packages, as the efficiency would be significantly affected if the wood pellets come in contact with the moisture. A good packaging ensures safe and convenient transportation of the bulk orders to the far-off places to the end customers.

Where to by the A1 and A2 Wood Pellets in bulk?

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