DenPlus Wood Pellet

The biomass wood pellets are gaining popularity as a good source for industrial and residential heating. We can find 2 premium quality certification standards for the pellets, which are accepted by the manufacturers as well as the consumers. These certifications are,

DIN plus pellet certification and EN plus pellet certification. The standards are needed to make sure that the products meet certain specifications to become harmless for the consumers as well as the environment. This is also needed for ensuring high productivity of the wood pellet fuels.

The pellet producers in France, Belgium, and Switzerland, the DIN plus helps in selling the pellets in their own countries. Also, the Central European residential pellet heating markets get access to the producers which are export-oriented in the countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Argentina.

What are DINplus Wood Pellets?

DIN is a Deutsch Industry Norm applicable for the superior quality wood pellets produced by any firm, throughout the world. Internal quality management and annual, external controls are carried out in this scheme, without announcing it.

When the products are DINplus certified, it means that they not only fulfill the basic requirements of the standard but also reveals further proven quality characteristics which is much more than the pre-set standards of the norm. So the consumers can be confident while purchasing such products.

The DINplus certified pellets are inspected by a neutral, independent and competent body to ensure the best quality.

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Distinct features of DINplus certified wood pellets:

  • They have a diameter of 5-7mm.
  • Their length is in the range 3.15-40mm. There may be less than 1% pellets which are about 45mm.
  • The color of the pellets is a lighter shade.
  • They have a moisture content of less than 10%.
  • The ash content at a temperature of 550°C is about 0.6%.
  • They have a mechanical durability which is greater than 97.5%.
  • The fines in small bags which are 20kg are about 0.5% and in the large sacks and in the bulk wares, it is about 1%.
  • The net calorific value is about 16.5 MJ/kg to 19 MJ/kg.
  • Their bulk density is more than 600 kg/m³.
  • Any external additives are quite low, i.e less than 2%. These are chemically unmodified products, obtained mainly from primary agricultural and forestry biomass such as wholemeal corn, corn strat or rye flour. Such additives are mixed with the raw materials that are used for the production of wood pellets. The reason behind such mixing is that they simplify the pressing procedure as a result of which there is an improvement of energy balance and an increase in the abrasion resistance.
  • The dry wood pellets have a nitrogen content of less than 0.3 %, sulfur content is less than 0.03%, chlorine content is less than0.02%.
  • The dry pellets have Arsenic content which is about less than 1 mg/kg, Cadmium is less than 0.5mg/kg, Mercury is about less than 0.1mg/kg.
  • Each of Copper, Nickel, lead, and Chromium is about less than 10mg/kg.
  • Zinc content is about less than 100mg/ kg, in the dry pellets.
  • If at all possible, the ash melting temperature is more than 1200°C. This temperature is essential to estimate the tendency of slag generation.

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Pros of DINplus certified wood pellets:

  • They are completely CO2 neutral fuel which can reduce the emission of the greenhouse gases. Thus they are the best alternative to the oil and natural gas.
  • The DINplus certification for wood pellets is in line with international standards which helps them stand out from the non-certified ones as they consistently prove to be of high quality.
  • Thr certification helps in winning the customers’ trust in a firm selling them. Thus the demand increases, which is profitable for the firm as well as better for the environment.
  • The high-quality fuels help in avoiding pellet boiler malfunction because of which they are often for commercial use too.
  • Patients who have asthma problem can even use these pellets at home because they do not cause any smoke.

Transportation and storage of the wood pellets:

The main aim is to ensure the support product quality of the DINplus wood pellets right from the manufacturer to the end customers. In order to achieve this, the DINplus certification enumerates certain rules for the internal training of the employees, which are mentioned below:

  • Transportation from and transportation to the interim storage.
  • Maintaining a healthy customer relationship such as providing them an appointment note with essential instructions.
  • Preparation of fuel storage.
  • Taking precautions against CO2 emission.
  • Enlisting the need for the essential technical equipment, such as those related to safe transportation.
  • Storage specifications for the companies with interim storages.



The packaging is done in transparent plastic bags, in order to protect the wood pellets from moisture, because when they come in contact with the moist surrounding, their efficiency reduces and they can’t be stored for a longer time also.

Where to purchase DINplus certified wood pellets in bulk?

Our firm provides superior quality wood pellets that come with a DINplus certification. We ship it in bulk worldwide through our trusted courier partners. We take utmost care to make sure that the pellets reach you in the same form as they were produced, enduring minimum fines. So, no matter where you stay, you can opt for purchasing these quality products from our firm and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Why purchase from us?

It is really difficult to find suppliers who can provide you with genuine wood pellets that have been DINplus certified. You may get the wood pellets but they might not have this internationally recognized certification. So, you can place your bulk order with our firm, to get the best quality pellets. Because of the certification, you can be sure regarding its quality.

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The wood pellets undergo many checks to ensure their quality in relation to factors such as the water content, bulk density, mechanical strength, chemical contamination etc. A holistic approach is followed to ensure the quality of service at all stages which are maintained transparently.

You can contact our customer support executives at any time if you have any doubt regarding the products or their shipment. This is how we intend to create a long-term relationship with our customers.