Hay Wood Pellet for Bedding

Animals need clean, comfortable bedding that is a good absorbent too. There are various kinds of materials such as organic as well as inert bedding materials. There are various factors that determine the type of bedding needed such as the age, breed, flooring and population density. Also, 4 categories of animals need proper care  because they are prone to diseases ,i.e milking, pregnant, nursing, or very young livestock

The essential characteristics of Bedding:

For effective and efficient management, one needs to know the limitations of bedding, which are enumerated below:

1.Dryness and cushioning:

These factors are essential to avoid any discomfort to the animals. This, in turn, will enhance their productivity, as they will get enough rest.

2.Absorption of moisture:

Moisture causes the microbial activity in the bedding to increase. This can lead to the rise in harmful pathogens in the environment
Also, the cleaning of animals become difficult as the moist materials get stuck to their hairy skin. So, turning the bed is necessary to enhance ventilation and decrease moisture

3. Ensuring cleanliness:

The bedding material should be clean, i.e free from chemicals, dust, unwanted sharp objects, molds and excessive moisture

4.Organic bedding material:

This increases the chances of bacterial growth unlike the inert bedding material, so they need to be frequently changed.

5.Impact of particle size:

This is the most essential aspect of bedding. The organic material used for bedding is of smaller size, there are chances of high bacterial growth. This would reduce the effectiveness of bedding material. When very fine particles of sawdust are used, it can stick to the skin and the teat ends. This increases the chances of high bacterial concentrations.

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What are hay wood pellets?

Hay pellets have their origin in North Eastern United States. They are produced from the natural pasture land. Hay-wood pellets are manufactured from naturally occurring materials which are super-absorbents. They are an excellent choice for bedding purposes. Besides this, the hay pellets are used as a ‘green heating source’, because they emit less greenhouse gases.

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Hay-wood Pellets are used for bedding for dairy cattle, beef cattle, calves as well as horses.

How are hay wood pallets produced?

Hay-wood pellets of high quality are produced by the use of hay that is obtained from local sources. Such products are ecologically clean.

The temperature rises above 120c during the pelleting process. This causes the fungal spores, toxins as well as existing bacteria to get destroyed.

Dimensions of the product:

The hay wood pellets supplied by our company has a diameter of about 6mm-8mm. their length varies from 3mm to 40 mm. They are supplied in bulk in packages of 15kg, 16kg, 25kg, 40 kg or even larger weights as per the requirements of the customer.1 gram of hay wood pellets can absorb 3.4 gm of water.

Distinct features of hay wood pellets?

The Hay wood pellets supplied by our company do not need watering or activating prior to usage. They contain about 8-11% moisture. Their hardness is more than 97% and they come with a bulk density of 650 kg/m3. Impurities in the product are very less, about 0.13%. The product lasts longer as compared to the shavings and other bedding which are used by the farmers, horse enthusiasts, and other animal owners.

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How can you distinguish the good type of this product?

1 gram of such superior quality bedding pellets has the capacity to absorb as much as 3.4 gram of water. This ensures the dryness of the bedding for a longer duration. Also, this prevents the bedding pellets from being frozen during the cold winters.

What are the pros of this product?

When good quality hay wood pellets are used for bedding, the animals are protected from diseases and they get the maximum comfort. Regarding the cost also, the hay pellets are less expensive compared to the wood pellets. For the bedding of small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs as well as reptiles, the hay pellets are ideal.

Difference between hay wood pellets and wood pellets?

Wood pellets are quite dusty, so they can lead to respiratory problems in the horse or any other animal but this is not the case with hay wood pellets. These are clean and free from dust. Besides this, the price of wood pellets is about 25% more than the hay wood pellets.

Hay-wood pellet production process:

The process of pellet production involves preparation of the raw materials. First of all size reduction of the raw material has to be carried out using a hammer mill. The particle size is determined by the size of the screen used. The quality of the pellet manufactured depends upon the particle size produced as well as the pellet mill’s productivity.

After this, the percentage of water in the raw material is monitored. Moisture control impacts the pellet quality.

In order to make a quality pellet, specific percentages of binders need to be added. Also, the pellet mill needs to be set up and prepared properly. This includes setting the correct roller and die rotation speed, the roller and die distance and the die template has to be conditioned well for a good product flow so that proper compression occurs.

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Why should you buy hay wood pellets from us?

It is necessary to get the hay wood pellets from a supplier who provides quality material. You need to make a thorough research regarding the amount you need to pay as well as the material of the products, before initiating your purchase. Our company supplies hay wood pellets worldwide, in bulk. You can get it at comparatively cheaper prices and be assured that you are getting a value for money deal.

Besides this, our company ensures transparency of services and provides the customers with excellent customer services. Any issue faced by the customer regarding the products are immediately resolved by our team of experts.

You can get your order delivered on with proper packaging to ensure that it is not damaged during transportation.