Nestro Briquettes

What are NESTRO Briquettes?

NESTRO briquettes of superior quality come in the cylindrical shape. They are manufactured from pine, oak and birch saw dust. The heat intensity of these wood briquettes is high and are packed into strong thermo packages. They are generally manufactured in Russia and are mostly exported to the European countries. These dark-colored briquettes release a delicate flavor of wood when they are unpacked.

Distinct features of Nestro Briquettes:

  • The briquettes are available in the dimension of about 90 mm (diameter) x 260 mm (length). The diameter of the round briquettes varies between 70-90mm.
  • Their humidity content is about 5-6%.
  • They have a calorific value of 17.5-20.2 MJ/kg.
  • Their ash content is about 0.3%.
  • They have a mechanical durability of 95%.
  • They have a density of about 1300 kg/m³.
  • They have a very low sulfur content of about 0.05%.
  • They generate a high combustion heat which is about 4300 – 4700 Kcal/kg.
  • About 14% partially destroyed briquettes are present.

The pros of Nestro briquettes:

  • Compacted forestall biomass is used to manufacture these briquettes.
  • They are 100% ecological as no adhesive or chemicals are used except the natural raw materials while manufacturing them.
  • When compared to the ordinary wood, the Nestro briquettes burn for a longer duration.
  • The ash produced after combustion can be used as a natural mineral fertilizer for the plants.
  • When they burn, they emit a steady, high flame which is of great heating value. and long-smoldering time. So, it can be used as a warming agent in homes by using it in the furnace, or fireplace. It can also be used for heating other types of equipment which run on solid fuel.
  • It is suitable for any kind of furnace and standard boilers that are used for central heating.
  • If sanitary and ecological requirements are taken into consideration, these fuel briquettes serve as a great mode for heat bath and saunas.
  • They are an easier and better charcoal for barbeque and to cook shish kebab. The reason is that they burn for a longer duration and provide long-term heat from coals without causing smoke.
  • Fish, poultry, meat and other such products can be cooked on them on a grill.
  • They can even be used in restaurants, cafes, verandas etc to ensure that the food is undercooked, retaining its richness with a smooth golden hue.
  • Since they are highly compressed, so no dust is produced. This is very essential for the people suffering from asthma.

Differences between the Nestro briquettes and its alternative solid fuels:

  • They produce the least amount of smoke compared to various solid fuels. Sparks may be produced but no shoot is formed when they burn.
  • They have a high calorific value compared to the conventional wood but it is similar to that of coal which is about 44 kcal/kg.
  • They do not pollute the environment by creating greenhouse gases like the other solid fuels. It is a green fuel obtained from renewable sources. The wastes are converted into the best marketable products.

How to use the Nestro briquettes?

When Nestro briquettes video, their burning duration will depend on various factors such as the air flow setting, the number of loaded briquettes, surrounding temperature and the appliance size. It generally varies between 1-3 hours.

It is necessary to load at least 3 briquettes at a time by placing them on burning kindling wood. This will make them hot, after which the air flow should be turned down. Through repeated experimentation with the stove setup, one can know how these briquettes give their best performance. These high calorie economic compressed wood can impress anyone!

You can even try it for open fires. While using Beech Nestro, it is essential to opt for established fire because they do not light easily and require a good airflow to start burning. If they are used in the stoves, they should be broken in half, because an expansion of about 30% occurs while start burning. Because of this reason, it is better to use small amounts until you are confident enough regarding their burning characteristics on your stove.

Production of the Nestro briquettes:

The Nestro briquettes are manufactured from mixed dried virgin pine and spruce wood sawdust, oak, and birch saw dust. They are subjected to high pressure and supplied with additional heating on the surfaces. This molding is done in a hydraulic or a shock -mechanical press.

Beech Nestro is made in Germany by using pure beech grindings which are very fine. Thus, they produce dense, dust-free briquettes. The beech sawdust is obtained from the companies which produce high-end beech products and structures.

By the use of advanced technology, the briquettes are made dense and compact, which is about 2 times denser than that of the kiln dried logs. They have a smooth and brownish surface that imparts a natural look, making it pleasant to handle.

The natural lignin present in the wood acts as a natural adhesive at high pressure and temperature, so no external binders are used.

Watch the Nestro Briquetting press producing Nestro briquettes here:

The packaging of Nestro briquettes:

Beech Nestro is usually packed in the shrink-wrapped pack that can be recycled easily. In order to make sure that they remain dry, they are wrapped in plastic as a damp briquette would be unsuitable for burning. But generally, our company is striving to replace the plastic with cardboard by finding new ways, because of its environment-friendliness.

Watch the packing of briquettes in this video:

Where to buy Nestro briquettes in bulk?

You need to thoroughly search for good suppliers who can provide you with good quality Nestro briquettes. We are the supplier of briquettes and pellets. We ship our products worldwide and ensure high quality at the right price. So customers opt for us while purchasing the Nestro briquettes.

Why buy from us?

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