Oak Wood Pellet

Deciduous sawdust and noble oak tree are quite impactful and are always in demand. oak is the best wood for furniture and flooring so naturally, the pellets manufactured from such wood is of much better quality than the rest of the fuels. Unlike pine and spruce, when the hardwood oak is used as a fuel, it doesn’t dirty chimney openings

Oakwood pellets are a perfect fuel for optimal burning. According to the experts, best outdoor cooking is possible through hardwood fuel. It serves as a clean flavor for all recipes.

Distinct features of Oakwood pellets:

  • These pellets can be easily distinguished owing to the brownish tint in their composition.
  • The pellets have a diameter of 6mm.
  • Their gross calorific value is more than 4600kcal/kg.
  • Their ash content is less than 0.3%.
  • They have about 4.9% moisture.
  • Their density is 660 kg/m3.
  • The heat produced by them during combustion is 20080kJ/kg.
  • They have a calorific value of 17760 kJ/kg.
  • They are made from 100% pine sawdust which has high heating value.
  • While manufacturing these pellets in another type of wood is mixed with it.
  • They are very light weighted and burn in an immaculate manner.
  • Compared to other fuels, they burn for an extended duration.
  • Cooking beef or fish with these 100% food grade pellets imparts them a mild and nutty flavor.

Pros of the Oakwood pellets:

  • Artificial binders or additives are not added during the manufacture of these pellets.
  • Since these pellets produce very mild smoke with no aftertaste, it becomes quite versatile and goes well with fish, pork etc.
  • No filers or oils are used in the product. It doesn’t have bark content.
  • These 100% pure and natural pellets ensure that no harmful substance is cooking your food.
  • They can be used in pellet boilers, furnaces with feeders, fireplaces which have a basket for the pellets.
  • It is one of the best replacements for coal.
  • They ensure clean burning, thus they are environment-friendly. This is because, even after being used in massive boilers, they do not lead to pollution.
  • It is economical because it is made from compacted sawdust and the industrial wastes obtained from milling lumber, wood products and furniture manufacturing and construction.


How to know if the oak wood pellets are of high quality?

There are certain factors which will help you test the pellets to know if they are of  good quality. These are as follows:

  1. All the pellets will have the same tone of color. You can’t find it spotted throughout with dark and light spots. If the color of the pellets is lighter, it is because the pellets are manufactured from used oat dust

Whether the Oakwood pellets are light brown or have a darker shade, they’re both of high quality, as opposed to common hearsay. Lighter pellets are only due to used oak sawdust.

  1. It should have a compact and shiny surface.
  2. Superior quality pellets are very hard.
  3. The wood pellet mill which created the pellet, the water and ash content as well as its heating power indicate its quality.
  4. A lower quality oakwood pellet would contain barks. Pellets with barks will be irregularly shaded dark.

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Difference between Oak pellets versus Coniferous Tree pellets:

Oak trees are a deciduous species which are hardwoods but coniferous trees are the softwoods. The differences between them are enumerated below:

  1. Compared to the softwoods, the burning time of the hardwoods is 30% more.
  2. You can identify softwoods through their darker shade but hardwoods have comparatively lighter color. But the dark shade oak pellets are also well provided the shade is unformed throughout.

Production of Oakwood pellets:

The oak trees are debarked and they are ground into fine fibers of specific sizes. The finished product is dried and compressed into wood pellets od 40-44lb density. After the completion of the process, a smoking wood product is produced which are of consistent quality. Such pellets need not be soaked in water prior to the usage.

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High-quality pellets:

These are produced from its own sawdust. This helps in controlling the quality and composition of the pellets. Specially prepared, reamed dies of the Italian manufactured devices are used to produce the granulates.

Since the oak sawdust contains a small amount of resin, so bonding it is a tough task. This necessitates reaming.

See the production process here:

The following steps are involved in the production of oak pellets:

1.Chipping of the wood:

This is done using a drum chipper to ensure that the size of the raw materials is small. If the size remains larger, it can’t be easily processed by the mills and may cause problems. So they are reduced to less than 6mm size.


This is necessary to separate some of the impurities that remain mixed with the raw materials. This can be stones, metals etc.

3.Moisture removal:

This is done by drying the raw materials by the use of a drum dryer in a standard wood pellet production plant. All the excessive moisture is removed to make it suitable for the pellet formation.


The pellets with the optimum moisture content and right sizes are passed into the die hole in the pellet mills.  This is done with a great pressure in order to form the hot and softer pellets.


The hot and soft pellets are cooled down using air, so as to harden them. This also imparts them strength.

The packaging of the oak wood pellets:

The final products after the pelletization are packaged properly to protect them and ensure convenient distribution. They are stored in silos, containers or tanks to keep them away from moisture. The packaged pellets are then supplied in bulk.

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