Peat Briquettes

What are peat briquettes?

Peat briquettes are produced from shredded peat which has been compressed in the form of bricks. They are manufactured in such size and shape that consumers can easily control the quality that they use to make sure heat their heating requirements are met. It is also used for producing electrical energy in homes, residential buildings, and industries.

More than 350 tonnes of peat briquettes fuel is sold in European Union every year. In Finland, it is most actively used as peat briquettes are the source of 20% of the heat, electric power and local heat in the country. It is used along with other solid fuels such as wood.8% of the electricity in Ireland is produced from peat briquettes. In the UK, it is a sustainable energy source to heat homes. The reason behind its demand is that it has ecological advantages over other fuels in terms of quality stability

Distinct features of Peat Briquettes:

  • They are made from 100% natural products.
  • It comes in a size of 170 х 70 х 50 mm.
  • Peat Briquettes have a higher density.
  • Their mechanical durability is 95%.
  • They can be lit easily and are suitable for open fires such as stoves.
  • Their lowest combustion heat is 3600-4000kcal/kg. The heat produced by the warm cozy flame will make you feel homely because of the scent of burning real Irish peat.
  • Compared to wood and turf, they are hotter when burnt.

Watch the lighting and burning of peat briquettes here:

Benefits of peat briquettes:

  • Peat briquettes can be used in heating stations, boiler rooms, and thermoelectric plants.
  • They are easy to use and a very good alternative to coal because of their smokelessness.
  • They are eco-friendly because the carbon dioxide emitted by them while burning is equivalent to the amount absorbed by plants when they grow.
  • The ash produced after burning peat briquette is a very good complex natural fertilizer.
  • No harmful emission occurs while burning, such as sulfur dioxide.
  • They are nontoxic and in normal situations, they are fire-safe as well as explosion-safe.

Features of the different types of peat briquettes:

Following are the BT-2 briquettes’ quality indicators:

  1. The maximum moisture content under the working condition is 20%.
  2. The ash yield is equal to or below 23%.
  3. It has a very good mechanical durability of 94%.
  4. The highest amount of small particles is about 8%.

The BT-2 briquettes are crushed, which acts as fuel for thermoelectric plants and boiler rooms.

Following are the BT-1 briquettes’ quality indicators:

  1. Moisture content is below 16%.
  2. The ash content is below 15%.
  3. It has a maximum of 5% impurities.
  4. Its minimum bulk density is 250 kilos/m3.

Differences between peat briquettes and firewood or coal:

  • The ash content in peat briquettes not more than 11% whereas in the case of coal it is 30-40%.
  • The heat radiation level is 4 times more than that of superior quality firewood.
  • Their burn time is high, about 2.5 times more than that of firewood.
  • The moisture content in the peat briquettes is about 18% but in the case of firewood, it is 30-40%.
  • One ton of peat briquettes is equivalent to 1.6 tons of brown coal.

Peat Briquettes production process:

The process of turning the loose material into a solid product through compression is termed as Briquetting. It doesn’t necessarily involve binding substances.

The density of peat increases after getting compressed which creates an adhesion between the particles. This internal force creates a mechanical integrity in the briquettes. The milled peat which is used as a raw material for Briquetting has certain parameters such as type, sort, botanical content and degree of decomposition of the deposit, fractional composition, the content of freezing and non-freezing liquids, heat capacity and heat conductivity, porosity, the tendency for self-heating and spontaneous combustion, combustion temperature.

The production plants have the capacity to briquette all types of milled peat by the use of modern machinery. Even the particles of 8 mm size in the milled peat are successfully processed into the briquettes.

The milled peat which is used as a raw material for briquette should have a consistent quality. There are certain factors which lead to the complication of the technological process of production such as alteration in the moisture content, ash content, density and raw material contamination.

See a small peat briquette machine producing briquettes:

Naturally, peat has about 95% water by weight. So its moisture is reduced to 10-15% to make it suitable to burn

In order to prevent the impact of precipitation, the briquettes are stored in the bunkers.

Watch this video to know how biomass pellets are formed from peat moss:

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