Pini Kay Briquettes

What are Pini Kay Briquettes?

Pini Kay Briquettes are a type of solid fuel with low humidity content. The briquettes which are made by compressing the dry chipped wood at high temperature and pressure. the basic raw material is sawdust from oak hardwood or from the coniferous trees. They are in form of rectangular masses that can be easily stacked and handled. There are holes in these briquettes which play a vital role in reducing the smoke.

Today, finding superior quality Pini Kay briquettes is really difficult. It is in high demand owing to its low moisture content and high density. You need to keep in mind various factors, to make sure that you are purchasing the right material from the suppliers. Read on to know the details.

Distinct features of Pini Kay Briquettes:

  • The briquettes are available in 50x50x320 mm size.
  • They have a moisture content of about 5-6%.
  • They have a calorific value of 18.5MJ/Kg.
  • The ash content in these briquettes is quite less, i.e about 0.5%
  • Their heat of Combustion is about 4800 kcal/kg.
  • Their mechanical durability is 95%.
  • They contain about 10% partly destroyed briquettes.

The pros of Pini Kay briquettes:

  • Their burning duration is very high.
  • Maximum heat is produced when they are burnt, thus they serve as an excellent fuel.
  • They have high resistance to mechanical action as well as moisture.
  • They are economical because they burn slowly and radiate more heat.
  • They can be easily and conveniently subjected to combustion for use in multi-fuel stoves, log burners, and open fireplaces.
  • They burnt, by the use of a unique technology which helps in aesthetic combustion. Aesthetic combustion occurs when they are burnt because they burn without absorbing moisture from the surrounding and also the contamination of the heating devices do not occur.

Types of Pini Kay briquettes:

There are 2 types of Pini Kay briquettes with certain specific features, which are enumerated below:

  1. 4 faceted Pini Kay briquettes.
  2. 8 faceted Pini Kay briquettes.

The best advantages of these types of briquettes are as follows:

  • They have 4 or 8 faces and are made by compressing sawdust of coniferous wood after it is finely chopped and dried. This is done by subjecting them to a high pressure and temperature of about  250 to 350°C.
  • The 4 or 8 faceted Pini Kay briquettes ensure high-temperature combustion, which is 1.5-2 times higher than the conventional wood pellet combustion temperature.
  • They have a calorific content of 2500-2700 kcal/kg when their moisture content is about 20%.
  • These briquettes serve as a good source of solid fuel which is a better alternative to conventional wood or charcoal.
  • For warming the residential buildings as well as for industrial purposes, this is a very good product.
  • Besides space heating, it can also be used for barbecue kindling.
  • The optimum shape and size of the briquettes provide aesthetic pleasure.

Differences between Pini Kay briquettes and its alternatives:

Pini Kay briquettes are an ideal choice for heating the house because of the following causes:

  1. In the case of fuelwood, there is bark and debris which decreases their calorific value and results in more amount of residual ash. But in Pini Kay briquettes there are no bark and debris in them leading to a higher calorific value.
  2. The amount of heat produced by 1000 kg of Pini Kay briquettes is equivalent to that of 5 cubic meters of fuelwood.
  3. Pini Kay briquette’s moisture content is about 4%, but in other types of briquettes, it is as much as 15%. Similarly, in the case of seasoned fuel wood, it is 25%.
  4. Unlike other types of fuel, the surface of the Pini Kay briquettes is burnt to some extent which decreases their susceptibility to moisture while they are being stored or transported.
  5. The Pini kay briquettes undergo the process of pressing known as partial pyrolysis in which the tar and the gases in the wood burn out. This causes the briquettes to glow for a longer duration of about 8 hours, unlike other solid fuels.

One more reason is that there is opening in the center if the briquettes which let air from all the sides to enter and intensify the glowing

  1. If 1000kg of the Pini kay briquettes are burnt, it produces 5kg of ash that can be used as a 100% natural fertilizer in the garden.
  2. Since these briquettes are subjected to intense pressure, they don’t crumble easily unlike other solid fuels. This makes them easier to use. Also, the lignin acts as a natural binder during their manufacturing process, binds them intensely, thus their shape remains intact during the burning process.
  3. Pini-Kay briquettes do not contain any additives, adhesives or binders except a trace amount of tar. This ensures the cleanliness of the chimneys, unlike charcoal and firewood which make the chimneys back. This cleaner fuel causes the living room to smell like the forest instead of a chemical smell.
  4. The raw materials used in manufacturing these briquettes is a rest product in wood processing industry such as beech sawdust. So no trees are cut down to produce this. These raw materials are procured from the FSC(Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood industries and sawmills.


The production process of Pini Kay briquettes:

1.Getting raw materials from reliable sources.

The Pini Kay briquettes supplied by our company are made from 100% beech sawdust which comes from the first processing of wood. This ensures that they are not contaminated. Such good quality raw materials ensure superior quality end product.

2.Application of high pressure:

The sawdust undergoes the process of sorting and drying in an environment-friendly drying unit. The humidity reduces to as low as 6-7%.

3.Application of high temperature:

A high temperature of about 360°C is applied so that the product reaches a proper density, shape, and humidity. Also, an opening is made in the middle.

4.Maintenance of purity of substances:

The binding takes place because of the lignin, found naturally in the sawdust and not because of external adhesives. A major portion of the tar substances and natural gases in the wood are burnt during the process of manufacturing. This ensures the purity of the substances.

Watch the production of Pini Kay briquettes:

Watch the technology of making PiniKay briquettes out of hazelnut shells:

Where to buy Pini Kay briquettes in bulk?

Our company supplies the excellent quality Pini Kay briquettes. We supply the product worldwide throughout extensive courier network. The products are carefully packaged in a neat and clean foil packaging to make sure that they are not affected by the moisture during transportation. After receiving the products, you can store them by stacking them your the cellar space.

Why buy from us?

We get the products in bulk directly from the producer, to make sure that they are obtained at a good price, so we are able to offer you the products at a wholesale price, which is much less as compared to the market. Our products undergo proper scrutiny and checking, before shipping them to the end customers, to make sure that the best thing is delivered. The availability of dedicated customer support ensures customer satisfaction and creating long-term relationships with them.