Ruf Briquettes

What are Ruf Briquettes?

Ruf is the name of a firm which is a leading manufacturer of the briquetting process. Its briquetting systems have widely been accepted in a variety of sectors. This item helps in the conversion of the waste into compact, easily-manageable sources of income. Once the system is set up, it needs to be loaded with scrap and turned on for the process to continue.

The Ruf briquettes come with a “RUF” logo stamped on them, which are popular throughout the world. They are produced from ecologically cleaner raw materials such as pine, hardwoods or pure wood. Such briquettes are known for their premium quality and outstanding fire behavior. This is the reason why the Ruf briquettes are in high demand and ensure a consistent and long-term profitability.

Watch the RUF briquetting systems & briquetting presses in this video:

Distinct features of Ruf briquettes:

  • They are available in 150х60х100 mm dimensions.
  • Their ash content is as low as 0.8%.
  • They have a moisture content of 7%.
  • Their calorific value is about 4300 kcal/kg or 18.0 MJ/kg.
  • They have a specific density of about 0-1.1 g/cm³.
  • They have the least sulfur content, i.e less than 0.05%.
  • They are 100% natural and clean fuels.

Various types of Ruf briquettes:

Ruf briquettes are made up of various types of materials such as wood, metal, biomass, etc. Because of technological innovation, new materials are also added to the ones that can be recycled successfully.

1)Ruf wood briquettes:

By Briqqutting, the naturally available wood changes in the form and becomes a valuable source of energy. Their commercial value is high and they have an optimal  CO2 balance.

High pressure is applied on the wood wastes by the use of Ruf machines which results in converting them into briquettes of uniforms size and hardness. This doesn’t need the use of any external binders and the wood remains intact even after the process is completed. Thus this is a completely natural product.

Pros of Ruf wood briquettes:

  • The compressed wood burns ar high temperatures which ensure even combustion.
  • They burn for a longer time.
  • The amount of CO2 released by them is just that much which is absorbed by a tree while it grows through photosynthesis.
  • The ash produced is less.
  • Its energy content and combustibility is similar to that of lignite.

Watch this video to know about the production of Ruf wood briquettes:

2) Ruf biomass briquettes:

Biomass is the best form of renewable energy. The organic materials are transformed into compact pure briquettes that have a very high calorific value. It is profitable for the company as well as the environment.

Pros of Ruf biomass briquettes:

The explosion risk is greatly reduced by compacting the dust into briquettes and simplifies the logistics.

3) Ruf metal briquettes:

The multifunctional Ruf Briqutteig pieces of equipment are used for processing the metallic residues into valuable secondary raw materials. During the process of steelmaking, metal shavings, swarf and sludges are produced in the foundries or in the metalworking industries. The processes of draining off the water, de-oiling, and briquetting are exclusively taken care by the Ruf machines.

The advantages of Ruf Briquettes:

  • They run in an operation free manner.
  • They are hydraulically operated.
  • A PLC or programmable logic controller is used for controlling them.
  • The resulting metal briquettes or wood briquettes are sold to generate profits as well as fulfill the needs of the customers.
  • The value of cutting fluids such as oil, lubricants from the metals can be reclaimed.
  • They are designed in a compact way which can be easily integrated into the plant floor.
  • They are engineered in such a way that can operate for 24-hours with low horsepower.
  • They are ready to handle and the products can e transport once they come out of the press.

Watch the explanation of Wood Briquetting Process in the video link mentioned below:

How are the scrap materials converted into briquettes using the Ruf briquetter?

  • First of all the residual waste is loaded into the briquetter.
  • A conveying screw is used to transport the materials into a pre-charging chamber which presses the materials into a main pressing chamber. This is done to ensure that the briquettes size is constant.
  • The material is compressed by the main pressing ram into the mold which leads to the production of briquettes into the desired shape and density.
  • A sideways movement of the reciprocating mold occurs. After thus the briquettes are ejected by parallel ejectors when the second briquette is formed. This process of parallel briquette production enhances the hourly production capacity.
  • There are various types of briquetter that fit into different kinds of operation.

Learn about Ruf Briqutting systems, in this video:

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