RUFF Bark Briquettes

What are Ruff bark briquettes?

Ruff bark briquettes are one of the best solid fuels obtained from pure, dry bark that is shredded and dried at temperatures beyond 700° C without the use of any external additives. Under immense pressure, the rectangular briquettes are formed which have a highly compact form and are usually used in tiled chimneys,  endurance kilns and various types of common ovens.

According to the type of oven in which it is used, the glow time varies from 8-12 hours. This is the reason why it is termed as night briquettes. Once you need to put them in the oven and then, till you wake up, it will still be warm. They are termed as Ruff bark briquettes because Ruf is the type of machine which is used for the production of such briquettes.

Distinct features of RUFF Bark Briquettes:

  • These are available in the dimension 155 x 110 x 65 mm.
  • The raw material used in producing these briquettes is clean bark from Spruce and Pine trees or birch or a mixture of hardwood sawdust.
  • Their calorific value is around 4600kcal/kg.
  • The moisture content is around 8%.
  • They have an ash content of about 3%.
  • Their mechanical durability is about 95%.
  • About 14% of the are partially destroyed Briquettes can be found.

The pros of Ruff Bark Briquettes:

  • They have a long burn time, i.e about 10-16 hours. Thus it lasts for an overnight easily and you need not have to wake up in the middle of the night.
  • They are natural as well as renewable fuel which can ensure warmth up to 14hours. This is because their combustion is very slow
  • It is environment-friendly because of its carbon dioxide neutral nature.
  • It can easily burn in any kind of furnace that has a regulated air supply. So you do not have to arrange any special stove for this.
  • If it is stored properly, it can last for many seasons without getting damaged. Also, they consume the least storage space.

The shortcoming of Ruff bark briquettes:

When compared to the wood briquettes the Ruff bark briquettes have a higher ash content of about 3-4%. But this is advantageous from the sense that the ash would act as a natural fertilizer, but the negative point is that one has to dispose of lots of ash.

How to use the Ruff bark briquettes?

No matter how modern and optimized a machine is, it eventually becomes cold in the middle of the night, if it’s not reloaded with fuel such as additional sawdust briquettes or firewood. But if Ruff bark briquettes are uses, you can lengthen the process for about 10-12 hours. Thus you won’t have to worry about reloading to ensure the warmth.

Following are the steps how to use them:

a)These briquettes need to be put into the existing embers of the sawdust briquettes or firewood in the furnace.

b)These briquets should be allowed to burn well. This should be continued until the embers start glowing red, after which the air supply should be reduced to the minimum.

c)Then the glowing of the bark briquettes will continue at a lower air supply for 10-12 hours, that too at a  high combustion temperature. Thus the dissipated heat will keep the home warm during the chilled weathers.

Reasons to use briquettes instead of logs:

A person should opt for briquettes even if he has access to logs, to use them as fuels. The reasons are explained below:

1.Cleaner alternative:

Unlike the logs, the briquettes are cleaner. They may contain some dust and chippings, but you would never find mud or any crawlies attached to them, as they are formed after proper processing through various stages. Also, the briquettes lessen the frequency of cleaning the chimneys. And the final reason is that unlike the logs, they are very light weighted, so, they can be carried easily.

2.Value for money alternative:

Compared to the logs they are cheaper because they can be packaged and transported easily in bulk over long distances. And when logs are purchased, how can a person know about the water content in them, but in the case of briquettes, this is not at all an issue.

The water content in the logs prevent them from burning properly, so ultimately, whatever you spend, you won’t get a good return. So the briquettes are a value for money alternative.

3.More control:

You can’t control the burning of logs because each one varies with moisture content and the type of wood. Even if you try to sort the logs, it would consume a lot of time and effort, still, the outcome would be uncertain.

But if you use briquettes, you can control the quantity as per your requirement and be sure that it would last longer and provide consistent warm as compared to the logs. Since these briquettes are obtained from sustainable sources, it is not going to hamper the environment in any way.

Watch the use of Ruf bark briquettes as natural firelighters, in the video link:

The packaging of Ruff bark briquettes:

Transparent plastic bags are used for packing the Ruff bark briquettes to ensure that they remain dry and undamaged for a longer period.

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