Spruce Wood Pellet

What are Spruce Pointe Wood Pellets?

It is quite difficult to get genuine high-quality Spruce Wood Pellet today. They are the super premium softwood pellets, which are manufactured in Alberta, Canada.

The Spruce Wood Pellets have a light shade and have an excellent softwood smell. They are known for burning to high temperatures and in a cleaner way. In colder countries such as North America, people rely on these spruce wood pellets to heat their homes.

Distinct features of Spruce Wood Pellet:

  • They are made from 100% softwood sawdust and do not contain additives, bark, or other contaminants.
  • They have a length of about 0.25inch- 1 inch.
  • They are 100% natural, with no use of any additives.
  • They have an energy value of 8700 BTU’s/lb.
  • They have very low ash content, i.e about 0.4%.
  • The chlorides present is quite low. This implies that the stoves and the chimneys are less prone to corrosion and thus they would last longer.
  • The moisture content is about 5%.
  • Their mechanical durability is more than 96.5%.
  • They have less than 0.5% fines, broken pellets or sawdust.

Pros of Spruce Wood pellets:

  • They produce a high amount of heat.
  • The ash content produced after they get burnt is very less, thus no clinkers are formed on the pot.
  • They burn faster compared to the hardwood.
  • The production of spruce wood pellets is through the use of the high-quality raw material in an automated system.
  • They are environment-friendly. They are not actually fossil fuel but are made from 100% waste wood and no greenhouse gas is emitted when they are burnt.
  • People who are tired of cleaning their stoves frequently should consider opting for this fuel.
  • When compared to regular wood shavings, the spruce wood pellets will absorb more moisture, suppress the ammonia and thus you will get a pleasant environment, where the animals can stay in a cleaner and safer way.

Pelletization and the impact of processing conditions on the pelletizing pressure:

When the spruce pellets are manufactured, the pelletizing pressure during the production process is affected by the pellet length, die temperature, moisture content in the biomass and the size of the particles. With the increase in pellet length, the pelletizing pressure also increases.

When the temperature of the die is increased during the pelletization process leads to a reduction in the pelletization pressure. But the exact impact of the moisture is unclear and it varies with the type of biomass used in the production process. In case of spruce wood pellets, the pelletizing pressure decreased when the moisture content was high.

The particle size has a remarkable impact on the pelletizing pressure. It increased when the size of the particles reduced which results in a higher density of the pellets. As per the results, when the pressure increases above 250 MPa, it led to a small increase in the pellet density.

We ensure that superior quality raw materials are used for the pelletization process which occurs in an automated system. Besides this, there is efficient quality control at the mill to make sure that all the final wood pellets fulfill the highest standards of quality that one can find in the market.

It is essential to remember 2 parameters which you must definitely check while purchasing the spruce wood pellets. First, product quality while choosing a brand. Quality implies the cleanliness of the wood fiber that is being used and the quality of the manufacturing process irrespective of the species. The second factor is consistency.

Watch the Spruce wood pellet Mill producing pellets:

The storage of spruce wood pellets:

After the production is over, the pellets are bulked in a single place from which they are bagged for shipment. The cleaning is done again to make sure that the pellets do not have a high dust content. Then the packaging is done. The packaged pellets are quite helpful for the just in time inventory control of the mixed loads, whether large or small. Thus the dealer can manage the inventory levels in an excellent way and have access to the local distribution, ensuring a smoother flow of operations.

The packaging of spruce wood pellets:

A good packaging of the products is essential to prevent the pellets from getting damaged. This also ensures their longevity.so, the pellets are tightly shrink wrapped after which they have placed in thick plastic all weather cover. After this, it is again shrink wrapped.

Watch the pellet packaging machine, performing its task:

Where to buy spruce wood pellets in bulk?

Our company provides spruce wood pellets in bulk. We ship this product worldwide. So, it doesn’t matter in which part of the world you stay. Once you place the order with us, we can ship it to you as soon as possible.

We supply the product in packages o 10kg, 25kg, 50kg, 100kg or customize the packages as per the choice of the customers. Since we procure the products directly from the manufacturers, we are able to offer it at a very good price for you.

Why buy from us?

If you don’t get good spruce wood pellets for the price you are paying it would be a complete loss. So, it is essential to find trustworthy suppliers who can provide you with a value for money deal. We have been a very old company, with a lot of experience in providing the right type of pellets and briquettes. Here are the reasons why you should opt to buy from us:


We provide the products at wholesale prices to our customers. The important point is that you need to order it in bulk to avail it at the lower price. You can compare the prices and quality with other suppliers and see that we ensure the best price as well as quality. The lesser the quantity ordered by you, more the price you have to pay, so it may not be the best deal for you.


Our spruce wood pellets undergo though screening before getting packaged. They are subjected to rigorous quality control checks to make sure that there is no issue with the final product.

3.Transparency and customer service:

Right from the process of manufacturing, to packaging, placement of the order, shipment and tracking, we ensure transparency in each and every step, so that customers can trust us and establish a long-term relationship with our company. With outstanding customer support services, we have won the heart of many and successfully created a sense of trustworthiness in the minds of our customers.