Sunflower Husk Briquettes

What are Sunflower Husk Briquettes?

The by-products of sunflower oil or peels of sunflower seeds are used for the production of sunflower briquettes. This is one of the best low-cost fuels which can be handled by commercial boilers, batch and log boilers and coal ovens. This is because they have superior heating characteristics and contain low moisture.

Distinct features of Sunflower husk briquettes:

  • They are 100% natural product produced exclusively from sunflower husk.
  • Their calorific value is high, about 4800kCal/kg.
  • The round sunflower husk briquettes have a length of 30-50mm and 65mm diameter.
  • The moisture content in the briquettes is about 6.1%.
  • They have an ash content of 2.2%.
  • The sulfur content is about 0.06%.
  • About 71.6% of volatiles is present in the ash free dry mass.
  • Their density is 800-900 kg/m3.

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The pros of Sunflower husk briquettes:

  • They are the best substitute for coal, wood, wood briquettes, fuel etc. because of their good price-performance ratio Thus they reduce the greenhouse effect.
  • The void content of the emission which is released is very low,i.e the briquettes do not release any harmful emissions or resins.
  • They can be transported easily.
  • Since they are not attacked by the rodents, they can be easily and safely stored.
  • They are obtained from the renewable natural source and do not cause pollution.
  • The ash produced after burning the briquettes is used as a rare mineral fertilizer suitable for gardening because of its richness in trace elements such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, potassium hydroxide etc.
  • Since the burning emits less ash, the frequency of cleaning the furnace and chimney is reduced significantly.
  • They do not contain any additives such as glue, sulfur, halogens or heavy metals.

Differences between Sunflower husk briquettes and other alternatives:

  • 1 ton of Sunflower husk briquettes is equivalent to 1.4 ton of brown coal briquettes or 1.9 ton of firewood or 2.5 tons of coal dust or 500L fuel
  • They have an ample heating value of about 19 MJ/kg with respect to the firewood or coal which provide 16.2 GJ/t and 19.5GJ/t respectively.
  • In the small and medium heating systems, the sunflower husk briquettes are more useful than the wood pellets or wood briquettes with similar heating values because of their lower price.

The production process of sunflower husk briquettes:

Organic biomass material, i.e the sunflower husk seeds are used for manufacturing the sunflower husk briquettes. The production process is based on the principle of converting the biomass that has high volume, high humidity content and low calorific value into fuel that is of finer forms. This leads to the formation of eco-friendly and ready to use fuel with high calorific value and which takes the least space for storage purposes.

Initially, the raw material is kept in a container having a higher volume. Biomass is used to produce hear which is used for drying the biomass itself in a rotary drum dryer.

Then the sunflower seed husks are poured into a meat grinder. After this, a screw is used for pressing it into a molding chamber that is at a temperature of 300°C. This results in the formation of long briquette with a square cross-section. It has a density of about 1270kg/m3. It is then cut into smaller pieces. The reduction of volume occurs at a ratio of 12:1 after molding. The lignin plastification occurs which takes on the binder’s function. No external binding additives are used

The briquette surface gets sealed owing to the high temperature, thus it becomes humidity-resistant. If kept in a dry environment,

they can last for many years.

Watch the production process here:

The packaging of Sunflower husk briquettes:

After the production, the packaging is done in various sizes such as 10kg, 25 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg or as per the customer’s choice. Plastic foil is used for packing them as this protects them from moisture. Thus the handling and transportation become easier. They are packed compactly in order to ensure its long-term storage.

Where to buy the sunflower husk briquettes in bulk?

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Factors which affect the pricing of sunflower husk briquettes

There are certain reasons which affect the price of the products sold by our company, which are as follows:

  1. Usually, the briquettes purchased during the spring or summer is less expensive than those purchased during the fall or winter season.
  2. Amount of the product ordered affects the final price. If the quantity is less, usually it is expensive.

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