Sunflower Husk Pellets

What are Sunflower Husk Pellets?

The scales of sunflower nuts are used to make Sunflower husk Pellets (SFHP). During the sunflower oil extraction process, they are obtained as a by-product. So the sunflower oil factories are its major source. Because of their low protein content, they are not a preferred fodder for animals. Huge quantities of sunflower husk are produced in South Russia and in Ukraine.In UK power plants and in Poland, sunflower husk pellets were successfully used as a biofuel. But its importance was reduced drastically when the subsidy for burning agricultural products was stopped by the Polish government

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What are the distinct features of Sunflower Husk Pellets?

  • Sulfur content in the Sunflower Husk Pellets is about 0.14%
  • Their durability index or hard groove index is about 18. This implies that they are harder compared to the olive cake but softer with respect to the olive stones.
  • The ash content is around 2%-2.5%
  • They have a calory value of 17000.
  • Their diameter is around 8mm-10 mm and 5cm in length.
  • The moisture content in these pellets is about 8-9%.
  • Their density is around 350kg/m3.
  • They are sold in bulk in various quantities, such as 15kg,25 kg as well as in loose. Customers can also mention their required quantity and can get it shipped to their address.
  • It causes smokeless combustion.
  • No environmentally harmful wastes are left after it is burnt. The ash gets decomposed in the soil which acts as a natural fertilizer
  • They are best for the solid fuel boilers with automatic


Use of the sunflower husk pellets:

  • These pellets act as an excellent substituent for any kind of fuel. With brown coal, the produce heat level flush. The product’s correct shape, small size, and homogeneous consistency enable the pouring of the granules through a special hose which helps in automating the loading and unloading process as well as burning the fuel.
  • Chemicals and additives are not during its production for high viscosity. This leads to the production of nontoxic sunflower husk pellets that have a high level of thermal conductivity.
  • In mushroom compost, this acts as the main compost. Also, in the production of ethyl alcohol and fodder yeast, it is the main raw material
  • They are used for domestic homes, industrial purposes, greenhouse and drying systems.

Know about the effect of co-firing sunflower husk pellets with coal in a boiler on the chemical composition of flue gas:

What are the pros of the product?

  • Sunflower husk pellets have a high bulk density, so it can be easily transported over long distances in bulk.
  • The fuel pellets can be efficiently used by the use of a special furnace known as the pellet stove.
  • It is 100% natural and doesn’t contain any additives or sticky ingredients.
  • Despite being a valuable product, it is relatively cheaper.
  • Its high level of vitamins and proteins make it a good nutritious food for the farm animals. Being an important source of fiber, it is added to the fodder. There is about 50% crude fiber in the sunflower husk.
  • The sunflower husk pellets supplied by our company are made using latest and efficient technology.


 Differences between this product and other kinds of fuels:

  • Compared to the fossil fuels, the sunflower husk pellets are not explosive in nature as auto-ignition doesn’t occur with the increase in temperature.
  • These pellets have higher dryness and density with respect to ordinary firewood.
  • Their thermal capacity is 1.5 times more than that of wood.
  • On burning the pellets, the amount of carbon dioxide released is equivalent to that released while a biomass decomposes in a natural way.
  • The price is less with respect to coal, fuel oil and gas.
  • The sunflower husk pellets have about 8.65% low moisture compared to other agricultural crops. This enhances the fuel efficiency.
  • The 0.14% lower sulfur content helps in the suitable the heating process. High sulfur content is not good because it leads to pollution.

All these reasons increase the demand for the high-quality sunflower husk pellets which are sold at a competitive price in the market.

Sunflower husk pellets production process:

The wastes from the vegetable oil are processed to produce. The husk of the sunflower seeds is subjected to high temperatures to produce the granules. Since the husks contain oil, their calorie rate is high in the pellet industry.

The production process involves the following steps:

a) Crushing:

The hammer mill crushes the sunflower husk. This occurs by repeated collisions between the high-speed hammer and the materials. Now the size of the output has 3-5 mm diameter. Since the sunflower husk has a moisture of about 8%, so the biomass pellets also have a moisture of nearly 8%-10%, so dry processing is not necessary.

b) Mixing:

The dry sunflower husk is combined with sawdust that makes the production of pellets easier.



Huge pressure and a high temperature of about 140 -180F is used in the pellet mill to press the sunflower husks. In order to produce columned granule pellets of 10-30mm length and 6-10mm size,  the process is carried out in a flat die pellet mill or ring die flat mill.


When the pelletizing process is over, the pellets have 15 % moisture content and are at 60-80 degrees Celcius, so, a cooler is used to reduce the moisture by 3-4 %, after which it can be stored easily and for a longer duration.


The remaining powered material is removed from the final contents through screening so that they can be reused while making new pellets.

Watch the sunflower husk pellets production in the video link provided below:

The packaging of sunflower husk pellets:

After removing any excess moisture from the pellets, they need to be packaged properly. They are subjected to an automatic packaging system to prevent them from getting damp.

Where should you purchase sunflower husk pellets?

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